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How he was begun July 30, 2004

Posted by The Mom in pregnancy.
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I started acupuncture I think in the May and continued until just before my transfer. My period was due on or around July 8th & I had a scan booked for July 6th (my clinic wanted a pre period scan to check for cysts etc). I went to a conference on the redesign of services for children with physical, intellectual & sensory disabilities which I was working in at the time. It was in a hotel 5 minutes from my house. I went to the loo during on of the sessions and was SHOCKED to find my period had started. I ended up ringing my clinic in tears and going in for a scan the next day and going home from the conference for 10 minutes to get tampons.

I started on oestrogen of some sort (can’t remember the name) the next day after I got the all clear from the scan. I went back a week later for another scan and my lining wasn’t as thick as they would have liked so they increased my dose and got me back the next week and then a few times over the following week. I got the go ahead for the transfer on CD17 & started Crinone), the embryos were thawed on CD19 and the transfer happened on CD20 (embryos were allowed to grow over night and had the 3 cell had become a 6 cell while the 4 cell remained a 4 cell). I did couch rest for a few days and then got on with life. I had a friend come to visit at 7dp3dt and before she arrived I realised that the sitting room looked like a bomb hit it so I tidied and hoovered. I did a digital test in the afternoon of 11dp3dt without holding my wee and of course it said Not Pregnant. I did another test in the morning of 13dp3dt and it was Pregnant. I let myself out of the bathroom waving the stick at M blubbering something. The poor guy had no idea what I was doing, what was wrong, why I was crying, what I was trying to say and most of all what I had in my hand because at that point I was hugging him and the HPT was now behind his neck. He had to go to work 30 minutes later and the rest is history!