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The weaning decision October 24, 2005

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In order to do another IVF cycle I have to wean D at some point. The original plan was that he would be weaned by the time we go to the IVF clinic next month… then I decided not to wean him until after the appointment.

Last night he screamed as though his finger nails were being pulled out. He eventually settled on the boob. I realised then that I didn’t want to give up the calming effect of the boob before he turned one… I also lay crying, hating our infertility for the first time in a long time…

M and I talked today about the impact not weaning him would have… we will have to delay IVF and therefore, obviously, delay having another baby… we run the risk of not having another baby as M’s condition may be degenerative…

We agreed that weaning one baby in order to make another one, when there is a significant chance that I may never get pregnant, is foolish as if I do in fact never get pregnant again I will always regret weaning him.



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