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Like A Wet Rag To A Bull January 16, 2006

Posted by The Mom in Planning.

I had hoped (planned) to be more active filling this in and using it as a diary of our upcoming IVF cycle but I can see that it is not happening that way. TBH by the end of the day I am not in great shape to start stringing great sentenses together and during the day I never think of it.

The current status of our ICSI cycle is that we have confirmed our dates (Egg Collection on July 24th/25th 2006) and we have begun the precycle testing. M and I both gave blood last week to check for a whole host of infectious diseases. I have to say that I am less nervous about one of us having a positive result this time than I was the last time. The results will be back next week so watch this space. I have been booked in to have a Saline Infusion Sonogram on February 13th which I am not looking forward to but is a necessary evil.

D and I went back to Weight Watchers at the end of the first week and I had lost 4.5lbs which we are both delighted about.

The boy is awake so I must go and attend to him…


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