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You’re Away In A Hat January 18, 2006

Posted by The Mom in Planning.

I found out today that my serum prolactin was 588 last Monday. In order to cycle in our new clinic it has to be less than 637. The chances of it going back up is incredibly unlikely unless I start to nurse D through the night again.

I proved myself to be Sooper Useful Physio in work today as one of the Sisters broke her knee cap and I stepped up to the plate. She told me at the end that she would pray for me. I thanked her. My nun told her to pray for my son & my husband too. HAHAHA!!

Sr Broken Knee will be 90 in May and when she got into bed this afternoon she made sure that she had her mobile phone so that she could text her nephews and nieces in the US! If I live to be 90 I want to be her!

The CMV situation is cleared up a little… M’s level is 0.521 and the upper limit that the clinic will allow is 0.5… so there is not too much to deal with.

D woke briefly at 10.45 last night & settled without being lifted. He must have woken again between 11.30 & 5 because I woke at one point lying diagonally across the bed, not under my quilt with one arm in the cot. HAHAHA… he woke at 5 and didn’t nurse til 6.50 which is all in all REALLY GOOD!



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