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Thump, Drag, Thump, Drag January 22, 2006

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I woke at 4.55 this morning to “Thump, Drag, Thump, Drag”… when I opened my eyes I was met with D dragging himself, in his bag, across my bed to meet me… my baby knows how to get out of his cot! For days he has appeared to not know and always need me to “rescue” him from the pit… now nothing is safe! He can’t yet climb out of the cot so he is “blocked” in with 2 pillows right now and tomorrow I will drop the base of the cot so there is more than an inch of a difference between his mattress & mine.

I seem to be doing “Crisis Management Baby Proofing”… as soon as he gets into something once I move/change/fix it so that it doesn’t happen again.

Today I was a good housewife… I hoovered the living room, dining room, hall, kitchen and utility and then washed the floors in the dining room, hall, kitchen and utility… I HATE HOUSEWORK!! but I love how it looks when it is done. I never thought my living room would be so clear. We really haven’t unpacked since we moved in 19 months ago but D is forcing us to do it now.

For a year I have been telling M that I want someone to come in and hoover, wash the floors and clean the bathrooms… today I told him that the deadline is May 1st… I can’t be expected to pump myself full of drugs, mind a toddler and keep the house… and if I am blessed with another pregnancy then I certainly amn’t going to continue to pump myself full of drug, mind a toddler, grow a baby in my tummy AND keep the house. M’s reluctance to “allow” someone to come in usually involves the words “house” and “pigsty”… I can’t convince him that getting someone to come in and clean is so the house won’t be like a pigsty and we don’t have to clean in advance of their arrival! Hopefully having to keep things organised now that D is on the move will help him accept the invasion.

I could quite happily murder my husband today. I was hanging clothes on the clothes horse this afternoon when I heard plastic rustling… when I looked into the living room M was watching TV and D was pulling the plastic bag out of the bin 6″ away from M!! I called M and he didn’t hear me and when I called him again I was also pulling the plastic bag out of D’s hand and the response I got was “What?”. I have done everything but say “Please don’t have the TV on when you are in the living room with D” and he is not getting the fact that when the TV is on D watches it and M becomes so engrossed in it that he doesn’t notice what D is doing. This evening D fell backwards (deliberately) and M comment was “he did it while I was turning on the TV”… I didn’t say it but I need to “WHY THE FUCK WERE YOU TURNING OFF THE NURSERY RHYMES AND TURNING ON THE TV???”



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