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Tomorrow is next month May 31, 2006

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In 25 minutes I can say “I am going to make a baby next month”… when we started on this latest leg of our journey we were given a date for a cycle in July and that was SO FAR AWAY! Now it is nearly next month. Where did the time go?

Come to think of it… where did my baby go? Yesterday evening he was walking through the living room pushing his wheelybug… my heart aches when I think of him being a tiny baby.

I want another baby… I want to know that I am going to have a second child… to know that D is going to be a big brother.

In order of preference here are the outcomes of the upcoming cycle…

1. Pregnant with 1 with no frozen embryos
2. Pregnant with 1 with frozen embryos
3. Pregnant with twins with no frozen embryos
4. Pregnant with twins with frozen embryos
5. Not pregnant with frozen embryos
6. Not pregnant with nothing frozen.


Milk Milk Everywhere But Nothing Safe To Drink May 29, 2006

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D is weaned since last Friday morning but my body didn’t get the memo! I am like a porn star with big hard boobs. Not fun. I keep bumping them into everything or worse still D headbuts them! This will pass and with any luck I will be mook making again in less than a year.

I was struck today with the thoughts of what I would do if this cycle failed. I don’t know that I can deal with another failed fresh cycle. I am clinging to 45% odds but that means that there is a 55% chance that it WON’T work! I just want it to be over.

The pill is going OK and I haven’t had any side effects yet.

D and I are going to the Panda house tomorrow to see Jack. When the eggstraction is on D will be going to the Panda house so he has to get used to being there.

He is so good at going to bed these days. I lie him down in his cot, kneel beside him and pat his bum. Tonight it took 8 minutes and felt like a lifetime. Not too long ago we were walking him for up to an hour before he would fall asleep. I have to say that I prefer this way! He is getting better at resettling at 5.30ish. I am still holding him down but he is going back to sleep quicker.

Far too bad to be good May 28, 2006

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OK… I thought I was going to be able to blog the months coming up to my ICSI cycle but it just didn’t happen. This morning I am very aware of the fact that it is only 5 weeks until I start taking my IVF drugs and I am feeling the need to put it all down on paper (or on a hard drive somewhere).

I started taking the oral contraceptive pill on Friday and it was a very odd sensation… it feels like I am going backward rather than forward. I left it as late as I could to start it and will be on it for 6 weeks altogether. I have to admit now that I am horrendous at taking the pill. I have taken 2 so far and I forgot to take the second one!! I was only 30 minutes late but I can see it being a taste of things to come!

D is now a former mook drinker. He was not impressed yesterday morning when he woke at 5.20 for a drink and there was no drink to be had! I held him down and he cried until he fell back asleep. I cannot let him think that it is OK to be playing at 5.30am and if I let him play and try to doze off myself he tries to crawl off the end of the bed HAHAHA. He cried on and off for the next 90 minutes (with a little sleep thrown in) and was up for the day at 7.

This morning he woke again at 5.25 and I held him down. He cried a little and went to sleep. He woke again at 6.30, cried a little more and slept again… he was awake for the day at 6.55.

M was not impressed with the crying yesterday morning and informed me that he had been awake since 5.30 because of D’s crying… obviously he didn’t think about the fact that I had been awake all that time too but I was the one who was holding the crying baby down. Hopefully this mornings improvement is just a start of the progress he is making and soon he won’t bother waking at 5.30 and sleep through until 7 (I may as well dream here as in bed)

On Friday night we availed of the Emergency Out of Hours Doctors (MIDOC) service with D!! He had banana, brazil & cashew mash for tea (a usual tea for him… neither nuts were from a fresh bag) and started to cough at the end… his breathing was laboured and his face got VERY blotchy. I listened to his chest and it sounded a little funny so we took him to the MIDOC service. He was given the all clear and the doctor was reluctant to give him anything for the reaction. I have to say that I was very impressed that he didn’t want to load him up with drugs. M was remarkably unstressed through the whole thing and I had a pain in my chest!! Complete role reversal. The left photo was taken during the afternoon and the right photo was taken just after he finished his tea… his face got worse over the next 20 minutes. Everything has returned to normal thankfully and he slept well on Friday night.