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Milk Milk Everywhere But Nothing Safe To Drink May 29, 2006

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D is weaned since last Friday morning but my body didn’t get the memo! I am like a porn star with big hard boobs. Not fun. I keep bumping them into everything or worse still D headbuts them! This will pass and with any luck I will be mook making again in less than a year.

I was struck today with the thoughts of what I would do if this cycle failed. I don’t know that I can deal with another failed fresh cycle. I am clinging to 45% odds but that means that there is a 55% chance that it WON’T work! I just want it to be over.

The pill is going OK and I haven’t had any side effects yet.

D and I are going to the Panda house tomorrow to see Jack. When the eggstraction is on D will be going to the Panda house so he has to get used to being there.

He is so good at going to bed these days. I lie him down in his cot, kneel beside him and pat his bum. Tonight it took 8 minutes and felt like a lifetime. Not too long ago we were walking him for up to an hour before he would fall asleep. I have to say that I prefer this way! He is getting better at resettling at 5.30ish. I am still holding him down but he is going back to sleep quicker.


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