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I had such great plans August 10, 2006

Posted by Laura in Uncategorized.

Firstly to blog the lead up to my cycle… then to blog the cycle itself and now here I am pregnant promising to blog the pregnancy. I didn’t blog or diarise my pregnancy on D and I really wish I had.

Here are the details from yesterday…

Right… as many of you know I tested BFN since Friday using cheapo internet tests… yesterday when AF hadn’t arrived by 3 I went & bought a “real” pregnancy test… I went to the loo every 20 minutes to stop myself building up any sort of volume of pee & thereby not waste a test in the evening.

D had SUCH a rough night that at 7.10 when he woke I tried to get him to go back to sleep, rather than jumping out of the bed to go and test. I went and pee’ed in to a cup (I have never been great at pee’ing on a stick ), dipped the test and thought… bugger… I’m not wearing my glasses!!

As the line started to appear I thought “I am seeing it because I want to”… I washed my hands, unlocked the door (D likes to “visit” when I am in the bathroom and he can reach the handle & open the door on his own) and, in tears, went into the bedroom saying “What can you see?”

M said “Nothing, wait, I can see an X”… “It’s a b!oody + not an X idiot”

After all of the plans I had about how I would tell him (I was crying and blubbing the last time and I wanted this time to be more… dignified… but alas it wasn’t) I was a wreck and D just wanted to play with the test

It is all a little unreal… when we got our cycle dates and I realised that my EDD would be M’s 36th and D’s 2nd birthdays I thought “but it won’t happen” and now it has.

I have told MiTwan that I won’t be giving him any more of these birthday presents HAHAHA




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