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What is a girl to do? August 12, 2006

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D and I went to Dublin today to firstly meet with my mother, sister and niece and then to meet some very special IVF mammies and babies.

While meeting my mother we went and bought D big boy shoes… this is a very big step for me (see I can’t let go of my outer child). I have stopped calling him Baby D and I refer to some things as “Big Boy” things. He is happy to sit on a dining room chair to eat his yogurt. He is trying to eat a little by himself and is getting better about food falling on his hands/legs while he is eating. He even picked up a bit of mushroom today that had fallen off the spoon and put it in his mouth… that is a big step for a little boy.

My sister yet again subtly questioned my choices for D and I get again explained that my choices are informed and I am still happy with them. I wonder if it is my consistency that bothers her?

Then we met with other “of our own kind”… mammies who went through what we went through to get where we are now… to be honest most of them went through more, much more, than we did. Yet even in that group I am on the outside… I am known as the Earth Mother… a little too crunchy for their liking.

So I am too consistent and too crunchy… what is a girl to do?




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