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How many hours does a day have? October 4, 2006

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Today is the longest day of my life. I am pregnant and yet I am not. I have a baby inside me yet I don’t have a life growing within. Today is a day of disbelief. Make sure they didn’t make a mistake. It has taken me all day to pack bags for D and I. How many nappies do I need? What clothes do I need? What kind of sanitary towels should I buy? I am clueless. Minutes take forever to pass and the day stretched out in front of me like a never ending doom. This is my last day of being pregnant this year.

They are taking my baby from me tomorrow and the worst part is I am letting them. I did not lose my baby. I did not leave it in the supermarket and forget where I put it. I am letting my doctor take it away. Intermittant research has told me today that partial molar pregnancies are as a result of two sperm fertilising an egg so we are in the clear as we did ICSI to achieve fertilisation. We aren’t sure of the waiting times following a missed miscarriage before we can try to make another baby but will clarify that tomorrow.



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