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It is all over October 6, 2006

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I am home now with my boys and they are doing their best to lift my heart.

The “procedure” went according to plan although I did lose a little more blood than my doctor would have hoped for. My hCG is approximately 23,000. I was initially told that it would take 6 weeks for the histology results to come back. My doctor came back late in the day to tell me that everything has been sent for histology and she has put a stat order on it so the results will be back by next Friday! AND she has squeezed me into her clinic on Friday so I can get the results straight away!

It turns out that the odd sperm is made with 2 sets of genetic material so we could still be dealing with a partial molar pregnancy… we will have to wait for the results on Friday.

The standard of care for an ordinary standard, nothing special, sorry for your loss miscarriage is try again in a few months. This would mean cycling in January.

The standard of care for partial molar pregnancy is monitor hCG levels weekly until it gets back to less than 5iu (approx 6 weeks) and then monthly to ensure it stays less than 5iu for SIX MONTHS!!! This would mean cycling in May EEEKKK!!!



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