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Changing Times October 30, 2006

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Yesterday I emptied out the personal items from our first home, my brother carried his broken heart home from Hawai’i and my 15.5 year old niece ran away from home.

M and I bought our first home together in Dublin in June 2001. We lived there when we got married and were still living there when D was conceived (although we were living elsewhere when I got pregnant on him). That house saw us through the early difficult days of living together and the exciting, if incredibly busy, run up to our wedding. We left it in April 2003 to move to the home that we all live in now. Tomorrow it is being sold. I am surprisingly unnostalgic about the whole thing. It served us well and owes us nothing. We bought at the limit of a financial abilities and sold at what appears to be the top of the market. By the end of next week we will be mortgage and debt free and I can’t wait. This is allowing us to expand M’s business while I still only work 2 days a week and hopefully in a short space of time he will work less. He will be able to take time off, guilt free, for the upcoming cycle and hopefully for the pregnancy that comes from it.

Depression is such a powerful longlasting condition and I eternally grateful to have found a way to live with it without it clouding my entire existance. Sadly my brother has not. My 2nd sister received a phonecall on Friday night from my brother to say that he had, 7011 mile away, had enough and was ready for it all to be over. My sister talked him into coming home on the next possible flight, 12 hours later. My sister hung up the phone praying that he would get on the plane. He rang from LAX yesterday afternoon in the middle of his 10 hour layover and she again talked him into getting on the next plane and again prayed that he would. He did. She collected him, his broken heart, his bruised ego and his flagging spirit from the airport this morning. He is sleeping now.

As a demonstration of the fact that my niece feels eldest sister had no power over her 15.5 year old daughter, my niece walked out the front door yesterday at 1pm and hasn’t been seen since.



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