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The Lamentations of an Infertile Cloth Nappy User – DS mentioned August 4, 2007

Posted by The Mom in cloth, infertility, nappies.
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Today I watched my nappies (well, D’s nappies if truth be told) blowing on the washing line and I was filled with sadness. D is fully trained in the day and we are working on night training at the moment. As a result we are down to one nappy a day. Those nappies on the line today may be my last ever and that breaks my heart.

As I took them in I wondered if I would reach the point were giving them away (or selling them) was the logical option. Not nice thoughts.

My baby is gone. He is an independent being who wants to pee on his own, without my help. He wet the bed tonight & when I went up to him, rather than being upset, he told me that it was alright.

I am afraid to put them away, what will fill the space in the cupboard in the utility? If I fill the space, is that an admission of the fact that I may never put the nappies back there?

Ramble over… for now…