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It is all about faith December 27, 2007

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Shelli’s post from Christmas Eve, On Faith, further reminded me that this season, encompassing Chanukah & Christmas is all about celebrating faith. It is not about buying presents, sending cards, spending money etc. It is about celebrating your faith in something greater than you, loving something greater than you.

I spent a long time before Christmas thinking of the use of Xmas and the excuse that is used for spelling it like that “I am an atheist, I am taking Christ out of Christmas”. Bollocks! Regardless of your faith or absence of it Christmas is called Christmas… that is it’s name. The other thing that gets me is the use of “Happy Holidays” so as not to offend the non Christians. In both of these cases is it usually exChristians who now don’t practice a faith (as opposed to the ones who have converted to another faith). I have found that people of other faiths have enough respect for Christianity to call Christian holidays by their name.

We are having Indian take away for dinner tonight. They were closed for the 25th & 26th. I have often wondered what non Christians eat in Ireland on Christmas Day. NOTHING opens. No take out, no supermarkets, no shops. For the most part nothing opens on St. Stephens Day either.

My mobile phone is missing. It is FUBAR anyway so I have reported it lost and will hopefully get a replacement one on my insurance. I will be without a phone until the start of the week but it is the same as being stuck with a broken phone 😀



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