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3 for 92… January 5, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

92 people have come to see this blog in the last 20 hours… 3 have left a comment. Hmmm…

A few weeks ago my phone went missing and as a result I had to root out an old mobile. It was the one that I had when D was new and I had forgotten that there were text messages on it congratulating me on my pregnancy and on his arrival. I got my new phone today and figured out how to transfer them over from the very old phone to the new one so I am delighted.

I got a parking ticket today 😦 I parked on the path because it was cold & I needed to get D into and out of a shop super fast… I took the risk & paid the price.

Oh… and my body seems to have decided that 24 hours of spotting is a period… eh… ummm… NO… I don’t think so!!

Hobby horse moment…

Everyone has one (or some)… a thing that you feel strongly about that you may (or may not) be vocal about. A two of mine (and yes I have more than two) are car seats and baby carriers… Related to that I really don’t like when I am told that something is OK because a doctor used/did it. Baby carriers have been shown to cause pelvic & hip complications in infants & babies. These are statistically significant studies and can’t be cast to one side because your relative/friend who is a doctor used one and said they are fine.

I am getting better at holding my tongue, or at least toning down my response to questions about either of these subjects but sometimes I just want to let rip! So here it is…




1. Anonymous - January 6, 2008

Doctors are people with free will just like the rest of us; its unfortunate that not everyone sees them this way!

2. Rebecca - January 6, 2008

Hey Laura

I have on and off followed your journey since being on FF in the year dot. I don’t leave comments because I thought you would think ‘who are you?’…but hey as you commented on the lack of comments here I am!

Dr’s are not experts on everything (I was amazed about the lack on knowledge most of them have on IF….let alone the lack of knowlege on car seats/bay carriers etc…but not everyone spends hours researching on the internet like me….!!) It really gets on my goat when people quote ‘well, my cousins, Uncles, friends next door neighbour is a Dr and they said the best way to make a baby sleep is to drive it around all day….!! etc etc etc etc. So you aren’t alone feeling like that.


3. Laura - January 6, 2008

Rebecca… hey! who are you? LOL. Would I have known you from before?

4. Rebecca - January 6, 2008

Nah, I was a lurker. :o)

I think it was because at the time on FF people from Europe were few and far between, so I could relate to what you were posting more than some of the others on the site.

I don’t have much time for lurking any more….but maybe that’s a good thing!

5. Susan - January 7, 2008

Another comment so all the views don’t get annoying for lack of comments… Firstly…GREAT about your phone…One thing I’m very sentimental about is lovely text messages, and ones you have to congratulate you on your new baby are about as important as they get.

I can’t comment on the baby carriers too much as I don’t have all the information but I have to say, I have known for years just from it being ‘general knowledge’ to never use a baby car seat as a chair or buggy or place to put a child to sleep. It would surprise me people still think different.

Thank you for opening your and Daniel’s blog to the ‘magicmum’ public. Myself and DP are Twan fans πŸ™‚

6. Laura - January 7, 2008


Please PM me on MM so I know who I am talking to πŸ™‚

7. Jacqueline - January 8, 2008

Couldn’t just flit through this time, Laura. Thanks for sharing what you’re going through the rest of us MM’s.


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