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Taking stock January 9, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

After the pharmacist rang the other day I gathered all my drugs into one place and started to count. This is what I found:

Estrofem – 71 (2 complete packs, 2 partials)… I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t more than all that lying around
Cyclogest – 70… again there are probably more floating around somewhere. These couldn’t be found for love or money in Ireland over Christmas… I could have sold them to the highest bidder to pay for the next cycle! Darn!
Gestone – 26… it is easy to tell that I am not paying the RRP of €80 a vial for this one!
Syringes – a variety of 1ml & 2ml syringes
Needles – a variety of 21g, 23g & 25g needles… now these I could sell for lots of money!

The pharmacy have filled the rest of the script and it is ready for me to collect.

Still no blood so the clinic are going to scan me on Friday. I have this romantic idea (I am great at having romantic ideas these days) that my lining will be thin, there will have been a cancellation for either the first or second week of February and they will start me straight away! Of course it is not going to happen like that but a girl can hope can’t she?



1. Celeste - January 10, 2008

hi Laura,

I have read your blog twice this week, I haven’t read a blog before and wasn’t aware that I was to leave a comment. I don’t feel I have anything remarkable to say.

I do however think you are an amazing person for being able to share all of these personal thoughts and details with others and I’m sure it is a help to others in a similar boat. I for one am once again humbled by the reality of what you are going through in the name of love. Mother nature is sure a quare one.


ps. when is your birthday?

2. Anonymous - January 10, 2008

Hope the pharmacist was taking notes!
Good luck with scanning and IMO hope is always a good thing.

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