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Stop and say hello… January 11, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

I know there are a few of you out there so just once, stop & say hello 🙂



1. Anonymous - January 12, 2008

Hi Laura,
Portmom here, just stumbled on your blog, I want to wish you and your family all the very best on your journey, keeping you in my thoughts. all the best

2. Anonymous - January 13, 2008

Really hope that 2008 brings you success on the baby making quest. BTW, I can’t believe how many drugs you need to take when embarking on IVF, it’s mind boggling.

You are in my thoughts.

3. Anonymous - January 13, 2008

Just read your drugs list for your next cycle – yikes! Good luck!


4. adamtraci - January 20, 2008

OMG – I cant believe I found you. I know you wont remember me but I used to pist with you on the April 2005 preggers boards with you on FF.

I just posted on there asking if any of the April 2005 moms were still about. I then opened google to search for some of us and started with you. Here you are!

Are you still in touch with any of them?

I dont know how you will answer me back – I am still adamtraci on FF

Good Luck with everything – Ill bookmark your blog! Im off now to read more about you and catch up on your little boy!


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