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6 things about me January 22, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

I am going to not follow the rules for a variety of reasons…

a) I self mutilate, it is worse when I am stressed, non existent at times. I have a cuticle knife & clippers that are used a little more than they should be at times.

b) I stopped sleeping on my front when I was pregnant with D and haven’t been able to do it again since. I miss being able to sleep on my front.

c) I use “joined up hand writing” all the time and publicly dislike people who write in caps (be they full size or in lieu of lower case letters). M writes in caps all the time and it annoys me. He is having to learn how to write in lower case when with D.

d) Although I am right handed I start climbing stairs with my left foot.

e) I only listen to the news on Monday & Tuesday mornings so if it doesn’t happen on Sunday night or Monday night I am not going to hear about it.

f) Based on the above list I am an incredibly boring person! šŸ™‚



1. calliope - January 23, 2008

Based on #C this might be the end of our beautiful friendship.


rule breaker!

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