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One last thought for the day January 22, 2008

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I started down regulating today. I completely forgot about it and my new phone needs to be charged (left the charger in my mothers house) so I am back using the antique and therefore don’t have any alarms set. It was really itchy after it was done but that has passed.

I missed a call from the clinic this morning and another this afternoon. They finally got me after 5 and we talked about what they wanted done before the cycle goes ahead. M has to go for another SA & I have to have my prolactin and TSH checked.

M hasn’t had a full SA for 2 years but they have checked count, morphology and motility each time he has provided a sample for a cycle… and while his numbers improved over time the antibodies are still there and I am not kidding myself that anything is ever going to be good enough to get us off the ICSI bench and onto the IVF one. We are where we are and nothing is going to change that. Which leads me to the question of why they want to do the SA. In order for it to happen we have to go to Dublin on my birthday (which is not how I planned spending my birthday), 100km each way, so that M can provide the sample and I can give them €100 for the pleasure… hmmm… I don’t think so. This is not logical. OK if they were looking for infection or anything like that but I will be honest and say I think they are looking for €100! I have emailed the manager of the embryology department to see what he has to say.



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