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Stop the bus I want to get off January 23, 2008

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Today I am filled with the dread of 2.5 years of milk free life before we see the allergist again. I am sick with worry about the fact that we now have an epi pen in our lives. I looked at my perfect little boy in the supermarket earlier who, when I picked up milk off the shelf, said “I no have milk, milk make me belly sick” and I was so filled with pride, that at 2y9m he knows that, but also dread that some time somewhere when I turn my back he will take a bite of someones cheese sandwich or a mouth full of someones milk and in that moment I could lose my boy. I know that it is a big if but it is there and today I don’t want to know.

Last night I was reminded of the weekend when he was 4 weeks told. The PITA public health nurse was giving out that he hadn’t returned to his birth weight and informed me that I would have to supplement him. Thankfully I rang my lactation consultant for guidance as to what to do and she assured me that I could pump & supplement him with EBM. Knowing now what I know now I know that that phone call may well have saved his life.



1. Alisa - February 6, 2008

I just came across this post due to a google alert and had to comment. Your fear is totally understandable, and I just wanted to recommend two resources that I thought may help. One is my own website, http://www.godairyfree.org. I think you will find a lot of helpful information there.

Another is the book “How to Manage your child’s life threatening food allergies” by Linda Coss. I reviewed it here – http://www.godairyfree.org/Product-Reviews/Books-and-Cookbooks/How-to-Manage-Your-Child-s-Life-Threatening-Food-Allergies-Essentially-thorough.html, and always recommend it to moms who are just embarking on a food allergy journey.

Good luck!

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