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Don’t shoot the stretch marks January 24, 2008

Posted by The Mom in infertility, IVF.

They exist, I have a lot of them. Many of them came with my son and are his version of graffiti in the “I was here, never forget it!” I am injecting to down regulate and stretch marks don’t take well to being injected into. Tonight it took 4 attempts to hit a bit of skin 🙂

I got an email from the clinic about M’s SA

Clinic protocol is such that we repeat a full semen analysis annually regardless of the cycles in between. However, these protocols are not set in stone and we try to accommodate patients as best we can. To that end I will not insist that M repeats the semen analysis but you have to be the ones to bear the risk that there may be problems with the sample on the day of egg recovery. The likelihood of any major problem is very small and I don’t expect such but it cannot be completely discounted.

If you are happy with this arrangement then you must reply to this email stating that you are willing to bear any of the aforementioned risk so that I can place a copy of the email in your chart.

I have gone ahead and booked the SA because I know that I this will be the time that there is an infection, white blood cells etc and it will all be my fault for not going ahead with it. Needless to say it will cost €100 (what doesn’t these days?) but the good news is that my smear is still in date. My plan is to not need to get another smear done for IVF purposes.



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