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What a rare day it’s been February 1, 2008

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8pm 0.5ml Suprefact sc

When I was going to bed last night I felt my dinner was still very high in my stomach but took some Gaviscon and headed off. At 2.30 D woke mooching and resettled quickly, I didn’t feel dreadful but didn’t feel great either. I woke at 4 feeling like shit. I gently let myself out of the bedroom, creep down the stairs, spit up a little saliva took some more Gaviscon and went back to bed. Then I laid there, for hours.

At 6am I thought, Ho Lee Fook, lept from the bed, bolted to the en suite and brought up my undigested dinner. With all of the heaving & retching thankfully the boy didn’t wake.

At 7am he was awake & I thought I needed to pee. Um, no! The rest of the dinner came up!

By 9.30am I had been sick 6 times but thankfully that was the end of the puking.

We had a complete duvet day and he was fantastic. It could have been so hard to take it easy today. But he was so easy. He watched DVD’s. He sat beside me on the couch & played with my arm. Today he has the inserts from a pop up pencil and has declared them to be a needle. He went off and got a piece of kitchen roll, told me that he was making a teddy bear & to be very brave and started needling my arm behind the tissue, just as the nurse in the clinic had done. He read books in bed while I had a little lie down.

He asked for, and ate, simple nonsmelly food & didn’t kick off about anything all day. At one point he got dressed into his full rain gear and announced himself to be a fire man. It was just too cute.

15 weeks ago we started praying at night for tomorrow to come without drama or sadness. It has come, we have said our last prayer, our prayers have been answered and now we will move our goalposts. Sleep well little girl & awake tomorrow an only child, for now.



1. Anonymous - February 2, 2008

Hope you are feeling better tomorrow L, and hope your friends welcome their new little one soon with joy and ease.

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