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La Vida Sin Leche February 3, 2008

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8pm (with dinner) 500mg Metformin, 0.5ml Suprefact sc

I know I probably mixed up some languages there šŸ™‚

It has been almost 2 weeks now since we had the diagnosis confirmed & life has changed in big and small ways. He has always been milk free but I was guilty of making a judgment call on occasion and while I never willfully gave him milk I would sometimes say yes to something if milk was 10th or more on the list of ingredients. Since the diagnosis there is NOTHING going under the radar.

This list is what we live by:

Milk – whole, half fat, low fat, skimmed, dried, condensed, malted, condensed
Milk solids
Non fat milk solids
Skim milk solids
Goat’s milk
Casein or Caseinates
(Dried) Whey

What really scares me is that there is milk in SO many things that we don’t know about it. This is what I have found, and I haven’t looked very far.

Other than all the obvious dairy things like milk, cheese, yogurt there is dairy in:

Bread (brown and white) & bread products (bagels, burger buns etc)
Pasta sauces
Biscuits & crackers
Breakfast cereal
Breaded fresh & frozen food
Almost everything in Marks & Spencers food hall

The more I think about it the harder it is to dine out. Almost all veg served in restaurants is buttered. Little or nothing, when out and about, had an ingredient list on it. The risk of cross contamination is really high (I looked to buy him sorbet while out & about recently but it was scooped with a scoop that came from the container of scummy water that washes all the scoops including the ones that scoop out ice-cream). Servers are rarely able to tell with any amount of certainty if something does, or doesn’t, contain milk or if it was prepared with milk (classic example of this is eating salmon in a restaurant. There is no way to ensure that it wasn’t cooked even with a small amount of milk).

It is exhausting. I went blind in the supermarket during the week looking at labels to see if there was milk in the ingredients. It is soul destroying to tell him that he can’t have yet another thing. It is worse to hear his breathing though, to know that something slipped by because no matter how vigilant I am, every time he eats something that I didn’t make he is at risk of someone elses error in not labeling something right.



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