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The long and the short of it February 16, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

I had my hair short in late 2003/early 2004 and let it grow while I was pregnant with D. It wasn’t cut until he was about 2.5 and has been cut once since. I am sick of it now though. It is down to my shoulders and all I ever do with it is tie it up into a ponytail. My hairdresser told me in no uncertain terms that I was not getting a hair straightener from his mother (my MIL) for Christmas as it would just destroy my hair. So now I have longish hair in not great condition that can only be left down if it is blow dried straight.

M is willing to use a semipermanent colour in it “now and then” (the last time it was done was Christmas Eve) but I am bored with it. I don’t mind if it is short & I have to wash it every day. My job for this weekend is to convince M to chop it off… hmmm. Anyway. I have put up a poll in the bar over there ——————–> Please vote & let me know your opinion. I will root out a photo now to show you how long (and blah) it is.

Strike that… there are no photos of my hair and the only photos of me are from August! I will get M to take a photo of my hair later.

Edited to add photos… the one on the left was taken in Nov 2003, the one on the right taken in August 2007.



1. R - February 16, 2008

You’ll have to post a pic of it short as well?

2. R - February 16, 2008

I quite like the short haired pic – v funky – but my gang have voted against me. C said your long hair pic is “gorgeous” (and then got v embarrassed!) and S said that one was her favourite too.. You have been thoroughly admired at this end!

3. Laura - February 16, 2008

Awwww… my own fan club. 🙂

4. Anonymous - February 17, 2008

I think I like the short hair best!
(I never see the point of having long hair if its only ever tied up…)

5. gertrude - February 17, 2008

it suits you both ways, but if you are just tying it up all the time, why not go short again!!

6. Susan - February 18, 2008

I agree with Gertrude, suits you both ways… BUT I slightly prefer The short funky cut. I can’t imagine not being ‘allowed’ 🙂 a hair straightner and having long hair…mine is used daily (shhhuuush, don’t tell MY hairdresser!) So, I think short, for summer, managability and a change… will make you feel great!

7. Laura - February 18, 2008

Not sure if it was clear enough but I am married to my hairdresser (he was my hairdresser on & off for 15 years before he became my husband).

8. Susan - February 18, 2008

ah yes Laura, I was aware M is your hairdresser… have to say, its a lot easier to keep daily straightening of hair secret when you aren’t living in the same house as him/her!!!!

9. Anonymous - February 18, 2008

definitely suits u shorter, the long hair does absolutely nothing for you and the short hair suits ur quirky personality-short short short !!!

10. Laura - February 18, 2008

Hey! Who thinks I have a quirky personality?

11. Shelli - February 19, 2008


Lurve the short.

12. Anonymous - February 20, 2008

FWIW – I think yes you shoud cut it, but to shoulder length only. That way you still have the length but can tie it up when it annoys you! annieg (MM)

13. Laura - February 20, 2008

We have decided on the “long enough for a pony tail but short enough to be a style on its own” length… now I just have to get him to cut it!

14. Feebee - February 21, 2008

Good compromise. I generally prefer long hair but your short hair looks great.

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