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I have hit the wall February 17, 2008

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A few weeks ago I was in Liffey Valley and I wondered if I was ever going to get back to that place that I was in before I got pregnant with D. Where I was reluctant to go to shopping centres because I just couldn’t deal with the bumps. The babies I don’t mind, the bumps kill me. At that time, in Liffey Valley, I wasn’t overly bothered which surprised me as I would equate my desire for another child with my desire for my first child. It bothered me when I saw a toddler and a baby in a buggy, especially if they were in a Phil & Teds, but the bumps weren’t that bad.

Yesterday we went to Tesco. I burst into tears in the middle of doing my grocery shopping. There were bumps everywhere I turned. T-shirts stretched over domed abdomens, belly buttons sticking out, protective hands cradling & awaiting life. Even now, as I write this, that heart squeezing sadness overwhelms me.

After my last 2 experiences in Tesco I would quite happily switch to online shopping for the foreseeable future.



1. Digitreats - February 20, 2008

I wish you all the luck on pregnancy journey. I can certainly relate to your feelings – our twins were the result of our third IVF and I spent a long time being bitter before they came along.

Thanks for pointing out my typo (active), I have corrected it and changed the download so please come back and get the new one. I guess it was too late last night for me to be designing!

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