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Alone again, naturally February 24, 2008

Posted by The Mom in parenting.

My mother has been visiting with us since Thursday. She had her hip replaced almost 5 weeks ago and she came to stay with us for a break from the monotony of being in her own house and it was well needed as she was stir crazy. She is not hard to mind at all but I felt on duty the whole time. D woke at 7.10 on Friday morning, 6.50 on Saturday morning and 6.10 this morning, each time wanting to go and say hello to Nanna. I didn’t let him call her before 8am which meant I was constantly stopping him from running off to get her.

Each night I stayed up until after M & herself had gone to bed so that I could have 30 minutes on.my.own! So I ended up going to bed at (or after) midnight which has made me very very tired when combined with the early mornings.

Today I drove her home to Dublin and I am relieved. It is nice to have my home back, not that she took up much space. A good example is that at 7.30 when M went to put D to bed I came down stairs and relaxed and it felt like I hadn’t done that since Wednesday.

I have found myself so concerned about the timing of my heparin injections (they have to be 12 hours apart with only a 15 minute margin of error) that I am unconcerned about my stim injections and whether they are going to work. I know already that they are working. I know the feeling at this stage. This is the first time that I have done back to back fresh cycles without something else in the middle (there was a pregnancy between IVF 3 & 4) so there are a lot of memories from IVF 6 that are quite fresh as it was only 4 months ago.

The heparin shots are going OK but Oy! the bruises are there already. I am afraid of the bruises that I develop normally. What are they going to be like now that I am on 2 anticoagulants?



1. Jen - February 25, 2008

Why so strict on the heparin timing? Is it for fear of over-thinning? Blood thinners are SUCH a PITA. MIL and my stepdad have both been off and on Coumadin (warfarin) for years. It sucks.

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