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How do you go back? February 28, 2008

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I should have posted this on Tuesday but I was more than a little distracted about the scan yesterday so I didn’t.

On Tuesday morning I sat on an interview panel for the first time. It was an eye opening experience. There was only one candidate being interviewed (as I had asked for an internal advertisement only. Part of me wishes I had made it external but I digress) and I already supervise him in a temporary post. This interview was to turn his temporary post into a permanent one.

Back to the story. On Monday afternoon I pointed out that he should read his job description and read one of the policies of the organisation. I wasn’t making reference to any questions (that I had in advance) but I wanted to know that he was at least doing some preparation. I have no idea what he read while he was preparing but it wasn’t anything to do with the interview that happened on Tuesday morning.

I will be honest and say that I was embarrassed that a) one of my staff knows so LITTLE about his job and b) he had clearly failed to prepare for the interview. It also stunned me a little that he felt he was suitable for the next grade job (my grade) when he was hardly cutting the mustard at his own grade.

So now I am in an awkward position. He is being offered the job with some conditions and has to have a meeting with the HR Specialist to discuss his interview & the significance of the conditions. In all of that I will continue to be his boss and need to do some serious whipping into shape (both him and the department as a whole, which had started before the interview was even scheduled) but I need to know how to continue working with this guy knowing how little prep he put into the interview that he was requesting for months.

Oy! It hurts my head. If only all I had to worry about was the state of my ovaries!



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