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IVF For the Uninitiated Part I February 28, 2008

Posted by The Mom in infertility, IVF, IVF for Dummies, medication.

I feel I should clarify something for the non IVF’ers.

Not all follicles contain eggs (which IVF3 thought me very well).
Not all eggs are mature
Not all eggs that are injected with a sperm (ICSI) will fertilise
Not all fertilised eggs will make it to day 5

So, while I had 16 follicles yesterday I would only expect 12 eggs and from 12 eggs (considering my maturity & fertilisation rate) I would expect 8 embryos. Ideally that would be 2 to transfer and 2 to freeze on day 5 but we will have to wait and see. I do hope that some of the smaller follicles caught up over the 2 days (once I get around to doing todays shot) and that I end up with:

14 eggs, 10 embryos, 2 to transfer, 3 to freeze. It is a tall order but I reckon if I put it out there, you never know, the Internets may just make it happen.

I am doing my heparin shots in my thighs (check out Don’t shoot the stretch marks) so I have a beautiful set of bruises on each leg. I would take a photo but the last thing you all need to see if a photo of my poor bruised thighs. I digress. Earlier D was a little frustrated and he head but me in the thigh, right on one of the bruises. Yowza!



1. calliope - February 29, 2008

I will do all that I can do will the Universe to make it happen.


2. Susan - February 29, 2008

Thanks for writing all that out. I’m always quite nervous about commenting on the ‘ivf – subject’ posts as I know nothing about it. I have to say, having no knowledge at all in this field… that looks promising to me. I have read The Secret, and have a vision board. Its all about visulising the positive thing you want and you will get it. Sounds soooo wishy washy, but I believe in it, and it works for me. I will add visualising you being a 40 week pregnant woman with a healthy baby ready to be born to my daily thoughts… This WILL happen for you. It has to.

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