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Posted by The Mom in IVF.

I have 14 – 16 mature follicles with LOTS of smaller ones. Dr Statistics came into the room talking about elective freeze like it was the only course of action. Going on about the fact that D was an FET and my miscarriages were fresh cycles and that the biochemistry is different (I will come back to that in a minute) and that it might be advisable to do an elective freeze. I was sitting there thinking… I DON’T HAVE THE ENERGY FOR ANOTHER CYCLE MAN!!! He was standing up talking to me and I made him sit down because he uses the whole standing up thing as power LOL.

Last night I sent Mr Scot in the lab an email asking for permission to have my ER at 11.30 (ICSI’s are normally done first thing in the morning) and I explained why I needed the later time (driving from home, dropping D off etc). I also asked him for the fert report by email again. There is a meeting held on Monday morning about the ER’s in the week ahead and I am presuming that Mr Scot brought the email to the meeting because the nurse told me that I wanted the 11.30 slot. I suspect Dr Statistics came in to see me to remind me that he is the boss. In November when I had ovaries the size of watermelons and follicles coming out my ears there was NO mention of an elective freeze. I asked him if they would freeze on Day 1 (which I would have a very hard time consenting to) or Day 5, he took a moment and said probably day 5. Now, bear in mind that I have never gotten more than 15 eggs even when I was the size of a house and lots of my follicles are small, so I don’t expect any more than 14 eggs. While I would still like 14 eggs, 10 embryos, 2 to transfer & 3 to freeze I think I am going to have to change my expectations to 12 eggs, 7 embryos, 2 to transfer, 1 to freeze.

I trigger tomorrow night & have to be there at 11 on Thursday. I am taking valium rather than the solpadol to help to knock me out.

So back to the biochemistry bit. I would accept a link between biochemistry & miscarriage if I were getting chemical pregnancies or no heart beat at 7 weeks but the fact that I am experiencing clinical pregnancy (heartbeat seen) and then loss I think it is more of a rejection issue which will hopefully be dealt with by the heparin, steroids & hCG shots.



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