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You see I didn’t mention it for a reason March 5, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

And for the most part I can’t talk very much about it right now but I will tell all in a few weeks.

The short story is: We have just bought a 2 bed, ground floor, own front door, 600sq ft apartment within the town limits of the town that we live in (we live just outside the town limits). It is currently vacant. It is 1o years old and needs to be, well, spruced up.

Having not had a mortgage for a year it is not nice to be going back to having one. In my very quiet moments I think “the cash we spent on it was supposed to be for IVF” but I know, most of the time, that this is a fantastic opportunity for our family so the quiet moment thoughts are, for the most part, kept at bay.



1. Shelli - March 6, 2008

so is this for M’s business? Or for you guys to simply have a weekend place?

Mazal Tov, regardless.

(And I need your address – I stopped by the Kosher market!)


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