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Some things he says March 8, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Love.

I don’t post that much about M because, well, it is my blog not his 🙂

For a little background M would be happy to have one child and would quite happily have never done another cycle after D was born. We have progressed to a point where IVF is not discussed in our house if he doesn’t bring up the subject and so it could not be discussed for weeks on end. I sometimes wonder if he knows where we are in a cycle because he doesn’t look for or want to know the details. He will, however, continue cycling until I say stop.

For the frozen cycle last Summer and the fresh cycle in November he expressed no faith in it working, it wasn’t just that he didn’t say he thought it would work, he told me that he thought it wouldn’t.

In the last few weeks something has changed in him. He asked me if I was going to “stop drinking tea in this pregnancy, when you get pregnant”. He hasn’t used “when you get pregnant” in a very long time. He went on to say that I had drank tea during my last 2 pregnancies and that caffeine has been linked to miscarriage, he saw it on the TV. I told him that I would stop drinking tea just before the transfer. Then I found decaffeinated tea which I have been drinking since Wednesday.

Last night, after he put D to bed he came down and told me that D was “lying there with his hands up beside his ears looking like an angel, I wouldn’t mind having another one of them” Now M never says that he wants another baby, so this is huge.

Tonight he told me that he doesn’t want to move out of the town that we live in until the kids are older.

I love that man.



1. Karen - March 8, 2008

Laura when I read your blog I thought how do they not talk about IVF. But sometimes you just don’t need to talk. It’s sounds like M knows all too well what’s going on and in his own way he’s supporting and showing you he cares.

Here’s too the good times buddy!!

2. x Chicky - March 9, 2008

…it’s funny sometimes how the most ‘detached’ men, are, on second glance, the most completely connected…

3. Sandra - March 9, 2008

I have to agree – my DH can’t understand a simple instruction to do with the dishwasher but can immediately comprehend technical meds details when only stated once !! M is the same no doubt 🙂

4. Ruth - March 9, 2008

See now, you said I wouldn’t miss anything while I was away and then you post this. So sweet! I think you’re a very lucky lady.

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