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A note to the growing one March 11, 2008

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Hey people. Did you see the tickers?

J is 85% pregnant. This is what Dr Google has to say

Infants at 34 weeks gestation and beyond have very little risk of developing significant respiratory distress or other pre-term delivery problems.

Infants at 34 weeks gestation and beyond should not be transferred unless some other medical indication for transfer exists.

How fucking cool is that?

So, little (but getting bigger) one. It is not time yet. I know you know that already but I just thought I would remind you. Stay a while longer, get a bit bigger, heck, get a lot bigger. Sit on your Mamma’s bladder, kick her stomach, give her heart burn, stretch what needs to be stretched and nudge what needs to be nudged. Your Mamma, Dadda & big sister are waiting for you, but they will wait a while longer.

And a note to the (also getting bigger) Mamma. You are doing a wonderful job. Keep doing it. Just wait a while longer for me. I want to join you. 🙂



1. Photobike - March 11, 2008

Hi Laura

Stumbled on to this post this evening and am enormously touched and honoured, firstly to have warranted a ticker and also for the huge support you have provided through our journey. My wish for you is that not only will we be pregnant for a time together but also that you will go on to deliver a child as special and beautiful as D. Great news today.
Best wishes J

2. Laura - March 11, 2008

As ever, my pleasure

(I would bend over and doff my cap up M would give out to me for standing, and bending!)

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