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A whole year March 13, 2008

Posted by The Mom in IVF, miscarriage.

This afternoon it will be a year since we found out that Isaac had left us. I can’t believe a year has passed (and with it 3 IVF cycles) and there is no bump or baby to show for the time. I know I am still waiting for the outcome of this cycle (which I am very hopeful about) but it doesn’t change the fact that we are still here.

This weekend brings with it such sadness. It will be a year since they took him and also a year since J’s son died.



1. calliope - March 13, 2008

thinking of you and sending so much love.

2. R - March 13, 2008

hugs for you all today

3. Nicola - March 13, 2008

stumbled across your blog this evening, I “know” you from another forum I use even though I am not a prolific poster.
Sending you big hugs for today and hoping and praying for good news on good Friday.

4. Derval - March 13, 2008

Sending you a big hug & hoping that Good Friday is very very GOOD.

5. Anonymous - March 14, 2008

Thinking of you and M during this anxious time. Also J and her son and daughter. It has been a sad year… Hopefully the next twelve months will bring great things.

6. Photobike - March 16, 2008

Sunday 16th – Thinking of your little boy, and of ours today – and of great hope of things to come for all of us. Hang on in there.


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