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From this morning March 18, 2008

Posted by The Mom in IVF, pregnancy.



1. Ruth - March 18, 2008

that is wonderful, just…..wonderful


2. Laura - March 18, 2008


3. Ruth - March 18, 2008

lovely :0) congratulations

glad I was here to hear the news!

4. denzo - March 18, 2008


I don’t think I could be any more excited/delighted/relieved for you and your husband right now.

Seriously, I feel like I peed on that stick and that’s my result, that’s how excited I am.

5. jacqui - March 18, 2008

That’s just the best news. So happy for you. Hoping and praying with everything I’ve got here that its the stickiest ever. Take care of yourself!

6. Jen - March 18, 2008

That is not a squintable line. It’s a LINE!

And then that marvelous word!

Yay some more!

7. Nicola - March 18, 2008

Thrilled for you, M and D.

8. Nicola - March 18, 2008

Delighted for you M and D

9. Mo - March 18, 2008

The most beautiful pictures in the world! Now stick stick stick!

10. Rebecca - March 19, 2008

Fantastic News! Yey!

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