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He wasn’t there for the instructions March 22, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Love.

M is very aware of the “post transfer” instructions but has only really ever followed through on one of them: Do not lift. The next two are: Get plenty of rest & No stress. M has been very good at reminding me, ad nauseum, in the past about how I shouldn’t be lifting (D, the laundry, the groceries) and in the process winding me up, completely forgetting the 2nd two instructions and so I end up not rested and very definitely stressed.

This time the man is following the instructions t.o.t.h.e.l.e.t.t.e.r!

I have emptied and filled the dishwasher once in 10 days (and that was only because the water pressure was too low to run the dishwasher last night). I haven’t done any laundry. I haven’t bathed D. I haven’t put fresh bedding on the bed. I haven’t even gotten D ready for bed.

My arse is the shape of the couch and in turn the couch is the shape of my arse!

M doesn’t want to be doing IVF but does it because I want another baby. He would he happy if I woke in the morning and told him I was 8.5 months pregnant, even better that I had had a baby during the night! He wasn’t happy with the idea of doing a blast cycle but was happy enough when I told him about the whole “best day 3 embryos didn’t make it to day 5”. By following his desires this time, with regards to lifting, rest, stress etc, he is content that I have “done my bit” to help this cycle work and so he is more content which is making an overall content house.



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