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Patience is not my virtue March 24, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

As you may have already guessed I don’t do waiting very well. Yesterday I convinced myself that this is a chemical pregnancy and that tomorrows beta would be lower than Fridays. I had convinced myself because of a lack of “symptoms”. I decided that I would POAS (Pee on a stick) tomorrow before going to Dublin just to save myself the crash of a bad result on the basis that if my hCG was falling I would have a fainter line on the test than there had been on Thursday.

In the end I couldn’t wait so I PIAC (Peed in a cup) this morning and took myself off to Boots for a pregnancy test (or 2, one for the morning). The test line came up before the pee even got to the control line and here is the outcome. A nice dark line as dark as the control line. Not going backwards (which is the important bit)

Needless to say it has calmed my nerves for a few minutes (I will think of something else to worry about in a little while)

While in Boots I spotted that they were selling off their Easter Eggs and seeing as no one bought me one I picked up a Lily O’Briens Crispy Hearts egg for €1.84! That is cheaper than a bar of LOB chocolate. SCORE! Now I just have to eat it all before I give up dairy 🙂

I will be glad when tomorrow is over. I am sick, and mortal tired, of driving to Dublin. Although these days I am not doing any of the driving as I am too darned tired. So instead M is sick of driving to Dublin while I sleep in the passenger seat.



1. Anonymous - March 24, 2008

Laura, delighted to hear your good news. Hope the beta test goes well tomorrow. Yours was the first blog I went to after I came back from holidays to see if there was any news and there was – the best kind!


2. x chicky - March 24, 2008

Another lovely photo.
Enjoy your Lily’s Egg. Yumness!
All the best for tomorrow.

x Chicky

3. x Chicky - March 25, 2008

Morning L!
All the very best for Today’s Beta.
Hope you get some kip in the car.

x Chicky

4. jacqui - March 25, 2008

Best of luck this morning. LOL at your couch comments.

5. Kymberli - May 29, 2008

What lovely tests! I had to come back to find your test from when you first found out you were pregnant. Reading these posts give me hope and something to look forward to!

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