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Gone, all gone March 27, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

The reassurance got from the lovely new beta number is GONE! I am back to being in the “nothing to see, nothing to feel, what’s going on?” darkness. I can’t POAS because there is no point now that I have done the Pregynl shot. Obviously that means that another beta is out too. I am pumping my body with SO many drugs right now that I don’t know which way is up.

I am still symptomatic, morning nausea, full pelvis, tiredness, bad skin, overactive sinuses. All of which together, when you look at a list, are lovely and reassuring but not when you are in the body.

My mother is coming to visit tomorrow afternoon and I am.going.to.go.to.bed. while she is here and let her watch D for an hour.

This morning my cleaner (wonderful woman who was sent to me from Above) told me I am looking really well and that I must have lost some weight and that for the last 2 weeks I look different, more happy, content and that I have this different air about me. Now this woman is not well educated, she is not the owner of a huge vocabulary but when she wants to she can put a fine point on it! It wasn’t “for the last little while” or “the last month”, it was “the last two weeks”.



1. Anonymous - March 30, 2008

Last year at about 21 weeks pregnant I cut my hair and bought some new clothes. My dh said to me, wow you look great, see all you needed was to cut your hair and buy some new clothes. I said, Yeah, THAT’s all I needed (nothing to do with being happy for the first time in 3 years) my friend said I haven’t seen you look so good in years, your new hair really makes you look great, I said, it’s not the hair, it’s the BUMP!

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