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Why so long Mary? March 31, 2008

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My father has been in hospital for 3.5 weeks. I can’t visit him because hospital visiting “instructions” are such that children, elderly, infirm and pregnant women shouldn’t visit because the risk of infection (with the Winter vomiting bug) is so high. When we went to visit at Easter I told my mother that I am pregnant because I needed her to know why I wasn’t going to visit my father in the hospital that was 5 minutes up the road from the house. She in turn told him so that he wasn’t sitting in his bed thinking that I was being bitch daughter from hell who wasn’t visiting even though she was only 5 mintues down the road.

She visits him twice a day and every time he asks if I am doing OK and asks when my scan is. This morning he said “It is not until next Tuesday” His response was “Why so long Mary?” He is, like the rest of us, fed up waiting. Waiting is killing me. It is still a whole week away but to be honest this wait is not the hard one. The wait between next weeks scan and the one the following week (if there is need for one) is the tough wait.

For a whole week I have had more than 100 individual viewers on my blog. YAY me!



1. Susan - April 1, 2008

Yes I can imagine you do have 100+ viewers to this blog… We’re ALL waiting for that scan believe me!! 🙂 Of course there will be need for a second (and third, fourth etc) scan. This baba has 100+ people willing it through the next 37 weeks!!!

2. Laura - April 1, 2008

Hopefully only 34 weeks 🙂

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