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What I wouldn’t give April 4, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

I am not Zen today. I am not vaguely, remotely close to being near to being Zen. I am tired, all the time, deep in my bones, nap in the middle of the day tired. Being D’s Mamma is wiping me out.

What I wouldn’t give for a D.iet C.oke! A shot of caffeine, oh for a shot of caffeine. I am sick of drinking watery juice & decaf coffee. I know I am doing it for a reason but I want a real drink!



1. Jen - April 5, 2008

HAVE a Diet Coke. Or, possibly somewhat better, a real Coke (who knows which is worse – the artificial sweeteners or the high fructose corn syrup). Or perhaps “safest” of all, half a cup of real coffee. The studies showing caffeine to be the devil are generally methodologically flawed and are talking about quantities in excess of 1 cup a day (sometimes 3+/day, depending on the study). I’ve been having a Coke a day because it’s MUCH less caffeine than a cup of coffee – but I’ve had real coffee too, from time to time.

I know you have to do what you are comfortable with and that is different for every person, but I decided after doing “everything right” the first time and having such a dreadful outcome that I was going to do most things in moderation. And it seems to be working just fine.

Hang in there.

2. Roobu - April 6, 2008

Finally sorted out my blogger issues.

Not too long now to the scan. Well I’m sure it feels like an eternity for you but at least the days are passing.

Best of luck with the planning people re: the apartment as well!

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