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15.5 hours April 13, 2008

Posted by The Mom in miscarriage, pregnancy.

I am 15.5 hours away from the “yes your pregnancy is progressing” or “I think you need to ring your Ob” scan. I have faith that we have done everything that we can to do what we can to keep our baby alive but there is a little fear, sitting in the background.

Tomorrow D is going to go home with his Nanna on the train while M & I go to the clinic and then drive home. That way D gets to go on an adventure and M & I don’t have to come back here and face people if things aren’t going our way.

I am glad the scan is in the morning, I am not in the mood to kill another day while I wait for the appointment time to come around. Now all I have to do is kill the time I have for the appointment time to come around.

And on to other things….

I have noticed a lot in the last few days how infertility blogs either get incredibly boring or stop being updated when the blogger gets pregnant. Obviously I don’t fall into the latter but I would hate to think that I fall into the former. I promised myself over and over, during previous cycles and pregnancies that I would make a note of what was happening and never managed to do it consistently and certainly not for very long. There is a very good possibility that this will be my last pregnancy (even with 1 frozen embryo) and I would hate to not make the effort this time. But in saying that please let me know if you are bored 🙂



1. Susan - April 13, 2008

L, you have an honest way of describing your feelings, that day or moment, that means your blog will never become boring, I assure you! I really enjoy reading it. I don’t think I have ever thanked you for allowing us to be involved in your journey – so thank you.

Will be thinking of you tomorrow… hope you get some sleep tonight


2. Chicky - April 13, 2008

Still here, petal.
Mobile phone’s a-chargin’.

x Chicky

3. Roobu - April 13, 2008

Best of luck for tomorrow hon.

And you haven’t gotten boring – I just keep forgetting my damn blogger password!!

4. Fish - April 14, 2008

Not boring. In fact, if there was a sofa in my office, I’d be hiding behind it.
Best of luck with the scan.

5. N - April 14, 2008

I’m on the edge of my seat wondering how it went. *hugs* to you either way.

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