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One of these days April 17, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Love, parenting, party, pregnancy.

Some day soon it won’t be 11 at night when I think about writing something down.

My boys are 3 & 37 today. It was a day of mixed emotions for a variety of reasons. All in all it was good but I am tired now.

We gave D the next installment of his kitchen (he got a sink & cooker for Christmas and we gave him the dishwasher and fridge today) and he is delighted. The dishwasher is full of dishes and the fridge is full of velcro vegetables. He got a real tool set from M’s parents and is happy to empty it and then refill it for now 🙂

I am such a bad wife & mother that I didn’t get either of them a card and didn’t get M a present. He assured me that my all day long morning sickness was gift enough and that once I stayed this way he would be happy.

Tonight he cleared off the kitchen table, moved paperwork out of the dining room and rearranged furniture so that I wouldn’t have to do anything for the party tomorrow. He is a sweet man.

I tried to cut off my finger with a bread knife earlier. I was cutting open a roll and sliced down into my left index finger. I put a plaster on it and it bled, bled, bled. I had forgotten about the effect of the aspirin & heparin and when I remembered I gave myself an hour to stop bleeding or I was going to the hospital. It took 30 minutes which was a little scary. M was concerned that I would go into shock!

I am sitting on the couch and I feel sick so I am afraid to move but I know I have to go to bed, if for no other reason than I want to read some of my book. Regardless of book reading I need to sleep because I have a long day tomorrow.

Did I tell you all that “Kid” is visiting tomorrow? I am so excited. Of course I am looking forward to seeing his parents and older sister but I am really excited about a new baby cuddle.

I still have 7.5 days to wait until my next scan and the time is dragging. Unbelievably so. I can’t get over how slow time has been since Monday. I had thought that I would “zip” through this week because there were things to do etc but no. Hopefully the weekend will be faster.

My sister & niece are coming to stay for the weekend. It will be interesting having the two kids in close quarters for so long and more interesting to be minding them on my own for a while (my sister has some appointments in town this weekend).


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