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I am slipping April 21, 2008

Posted by The Mom in pregnancy.

A post every other day? I am slipping. Not good enough. I am just too darned tired to get anything written these days.

Can I just say that I love Excel and what I love all the more is when I learn something new in Excel. Today I learned “=NOW()”. I already knew about “=TODAY()” but the time element of
“=NOW()” has allowed me to at the click of the return button know that it is 87hrs42mins til my scan 🙂

I thought that the scan was due to be at 3pm but decided today that I should ring to confirm because I know for a fact that I wasn’t paying attention the day that the appointment was made. It turns out I was wrong and the scan is at 1.10pm in the “Reassurance Clinic”. What a lovely name for a clinic! This means I have cut 2 hours off the waiting time for the scan which of course is a good thing but I still have 87hrs39mins til my scan (which tells you that it took 3 minutes to write what I just wrote).

My PJ’s aren’t staying up so well any more. My knickers haven’t been staying up on their own for a while. My sweatshirts aren’t coming down over my belly so well. I can’t hold the damn thing in any more. I am afraid to say these things in case I go along on Friday and I have once more been imagining symptoms.

I am a big woman, I don’t deny that at all, and that poses a problem for me. Nice, practical, maternity clothes that I would actually be seen dead in have to come from the US. BUT the current season for maternity wear is Summer which means sleeveless tops and capri pants, neither of which I have been known to wear since I was 7. What am I supposed to do in the interim?

Time has passed now and it is only 87hrs til the scan and I must go to bed. I just can’t stay up much past 10pm these days.



1. Jen - April 21, 2008

I gave up. I am wearing the damn capris (they’re all over the place here, you know, too – and since I get all my mat clothes hand me down, beggars can’t be TOO choosy). They work much better on me pregnant than they would otherwise. So you might want to try a pair on at some point and see if you hate them as much as you think.

Jenny had offered me some capris a couple of months ago and I turned them down, so she made fun of me at N’s birthday party on Saturday. “Are you sure you don’t want the capris?” she grinned, looking at my legs. “I guess I am wearing them after all, so yeah, I’ll take them,” I admitted.

2. Roobu - April 21, 2008

Ack you have important stuff to be doing, growing babies is far more important than blogging!

Looking forward to more good news in.. 84 hours now..

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