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The benchmark of miscarriage April 30, 2008

Posted by The Mom in miscarriage, pregnancy.

Firstly a big WoHoo to one of my readers who saw a heartbeat yesterday! You know who you are.

Her announcement made me think about the benchmark of miscarriage, the point at which you feel you are over the marker that the last (unsuccessful) pregnancy ended at.

For me the scan at 7w4d showing a heartbeat was significant and the scan last week showing a heartbeat at 9w1d was more significant but until I get to 12 weeks with a live baby inside me I am not past my own marker, and even then I don’t know that I will be “over” anything. Daily reassurance is desired which at this point is not possible (unless we do a Tom.Kat, which the Ob talked about last Friday). For that I have to wait until I am feeling movement which I will be waiting a while for yet.

So for now I am reliant on symptoms which aren’t really a sign of anything as I have had them all before. I woke yesterday morning feeling great which of course made me feel bad. By the time I had made it to the kitchen I was retching all over the place which made me feel better. Last night I got up twice to pee!

I can’t believe how different his pregnancy is, symptom-wise, to my other pregnancies. I have never been a nocturnal pee’r & to get up twice in one night is something very new to me. I don’t know that I peed like that when I was near the end with D!

I still have 3 weeks to wait to see the Ob (still trying to move the appointment back by a week) and it is a VERY long 3 week wait. We got a lovely letter from the clinic yesterday (to the Ob, CC’ed to us) which outlined the journey to here. The last line was lovely and along the lines of “we wish them the very best in this special pregnancy after a difficult few years”.

So I guess I am discharged and floating in the wilderness of waiting for my Ob appointment.


1. Amanda - April 30, 2008

Lovely post!

2. Chicky - April 30, 2008

It’s a little unnerving how happy reading a post about another woman’s frequency of nocturnal micturition can make me…

x Chicky

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