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You’re not feeling the love, are you? May 7, 2008

Posted by The Mom in parenting, pregnancy.

I think I am boring a lot of you. Actually, I think I have bored a lot of you away!

I went maternity clothes shopping online last night and finally found what I am looking for. I am a big woman so maternity stuff has to come from the US. My arms & the sun rarely see each other so it must be long sleeves. Everywhere I looked that does plus size maternity has this idea that just because you are pregnant you must want to have lace/ruching (not sure how to spell that)/beads/jewels/extra stitching etc. Ummm, NO! I want long sleeve, preferably single colour, plus size, 100% cotton. It took until yesterday but I found it. It is an outlet selling off last Winters stuff so it is long sleeves and CHEAP. 6 cotton tshirts, 2 cotton jumpers & a pair of full panel jeans for €118 (I found a $15 off coupon online)!!! Even if it costs me the same to have it sent from my sisters PO Box to here it will still be cheaper than the stuff that I don’t want to buy here!

Even getting this far, to be shopping for maternity clothes, is a huge thing for me. I am not yet ready to actually buy the stuff. But I have at least found what I want.

D has an imaginary baby who is wrapped up in any towel that he can get his hands on. Her name is Donna and this evening he informed me that tiny babies like to be hit on the head. I can see we have our work cut out of us for the next little while.



1. calliope - May 7, 2008

I am still here, sweetie! I am with you all the way.
pinky swear.

2. Susan - May 7, 2008

I’m still here, but reading from my iPhone, cause my laptop is broken and for some reason the background colour of your blog page changes on this and makes it super hard for me to read and so comments have stopped, to ensure I don’t comment on what I’m guessing you might be saying!

Great on the clothes-finding, and congrats on the step of sourcing them. Great bargins too!


3. Chicky - May 7, 2008

Oooooooh maternity clothes! Lovely!
If it’s of any comfort, my fave top whilst pregnant was purchased in the BLOKES section of Penneys. Light, XXL, long sleeves, 100% cotton, and would you believe it – pink. It cost me e15, and I lived in it.

4. N - May 8, 2008

Not boring me one little bit. 😀

5. Roobu - May 9, 2008

Not bored at all, just don’t seem to get round to commenting.
Does D know you’re pregnant?

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