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12 weeks May 15, 2008

Posted by The Mom in pregnancy.

Today is my benchmark of miscarriage. The point at which this pregnancy is different to a discernible point in a previous, lost pregnancy. I am 12 weeks and as of this morning my baby’s heart is beating away inside its body, inside my body. It was so beautiful to hear it this morning. So special to lie there with my boy resting his head on my shoulder while we listened to Mamma’s body.

My symptoms are fairly mild today but that may simply because I ate fairly constantly and was busy. Although maybe it is because the 12w fairy waved her magic nausealess wand over our house last night. A girl can hope, can’t she?

As you can see from the panel on the left my drug list is dwindling. Soon there will only be ordinary women tablets to be taken. Officially from Tuesday, if everything goes well at the Ob appointment, I will be just like every other 12/13 week pregnant woman out there. I remember when we realised that we were just like the fertiles when I was pregnant with D. It was a funny feeling.

The next 28 weeks seem so long but they will pass. It has felt like a million years since I got my first line but it is only a little under 9 weeks ago.

The fact that I have the doppler and can hear the baby if/when I need to means I am not sitting here counting the hours until my appointment. It means I wasn’t crawling down the phone line when there was no cancellation for last Tuesday with the Ob.

I told my boss on Monday and I got the response I expected from a 50ish man. “Oh, OK, when is it due?” Then went into HR to get a risk assessment form and the HR woman told me it would have to be completed by the line manager. I said that it would be my boss (the regional manager) and she said (in a quiet voice) “Is it your line manager?” I said yes and she was all giddy & congratulatory. It was nice. It felt normal. It is nice to be normal.

So now I am taking my 12w pregnant normal ass to bed to read my book for a few minutes before I pass out.

Goodnight all



1. Derval - May 16, 2008

All smiles here, lovely post.

2. Roobu - May 16, 2008

Hurray for 12 weeks, delighted you’ve got this far. I am still full of faith :0)

3. Chicky - May 16, 2008

My M asked about you this morning at breakfast. I told him you were now 12 weeks along. He said “Good.”
Gotta love men and their understatements, eh?

x Chicky

4. Jacqueline - May 17, 2008

It’s wonderful that you’ve arrived at the 12 week mark – a benchmark no matter what type of pregnancy. You seem a lot more relaxed in yourself L, and that’s nice to see!

5. SAHW - May 28, 2008

Congrats on making it past your own benchmark. I imagine the worries don’t cease until you bring the baby home, but at least you can breathe a bit easier now.

Here from NaComLeavMo and thanking you for your comment on my blog. đŸ™‚

6. Alyson & Ford - May 28, 2008

You brought tears to my eyes (I never made it past 12 weeks, ever).
Love your story. Thank you for visiting my blog – NaCommLeavMo.

Alyson LID 01/27/06 (IA China)

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