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Are you nervous Lowie? May 19, 2008

Posted by The Mom in pregnancy.

Today M asked me if I am nervous about tomorrows appointment and the honest answer is no. I hear the heartbeat daily and I can do nothing to keep it beating other than believe that it will continue to beat. Knowing daily that my baby is alive has allowed me to remain calm over the last 10 days. Without the doppler I would have turned into an unpleasant pool of nastiness by now.

I was asked last week about concerns about the safety of using a doppler and the impact it could have on the baby. I thought about it momentarily and said that the possible (unproven) damage to the baby while I listen to the heartbeat for a maximum of 30 seconds cannot be worse than the toxins that would be pumping through my system by now if I were overstressed by the wait for tomorrows scan. I would also say that the endorphins that are running through me because of knowing the heartbeat is there are also a good thing. Interestingly D prefers to listen to Mamma’s heartbeat than the baby’s!

The original plan for tomorrow was that I would go to work in the morning, come home, have lunch, get us all into the car & drive to Dublin. All because 2 of my staff members were going to be off. One of them was very apologetic when she told me that her meeting which was supposed to be all day tomorrow had been changed and would now be all day Wednesday and would that be OK? I assured her that it would be fine. So instead we are going to have a light breakfast and head to Dublin then. That way I can go bra shopping, we can try to find M’s tree identifying book and get some lunch rather than arriving at the door of the hospital throwing D at my mother & racing into the private rooms and have my BP taken. Not a good combination for a woman who suffers from pregnancy related hypertension!

My Ob rang yesterday (yes, on Sunday) to tell me that he is flying to the US tomorrow and had been booked on the evening flight but the airline has changed it and now he is flying in the afternoon. This means that he won’t be in the clinic tomorrow and would it be OK if I see his colleague. I felt like saying – if you can train a fish to do the scan then you could have a Pike sit in for you! I didn’t say that of course, I told him that that would be fine etc. He then asked me to hold as he was on call and had to take a call on the other line. This impressed me NO END. This man is the Master of the maternity hospital, he is the doctor boss and he still does his own on call! We waffled on then about a 20w anomaly scan and that he would see me after that etc. I explained that I did not want to see my GP for any of my visits (I am paying him €4500 for the pleasure of his company afterall) and he was fine with that.



1. Chicky - May 20, 2008

Thinking of you.

x Chicky

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