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Half Way There July 10, 2008

Posted by The Mom in pregnancy.

I am 20w.  Strictly speaking if you were to calculate half way through the time that I will know about the pregnancy then that date won’t come until July 23rd and if you were to calculate half way through the whole process then it was June 25th but let’s just take today as being half way, for the sake of peace 🙂

I am back in the hospital on Tuesday for my “big” scan and a visit with my consultant.

I am feeling movement daily now which is, to be honest, a complete mind f**k because it took a long time to get with the fact that the significant symptom of my pregnancy is that there is a baby growing in there and I now and then forget that the baby is there only to be reminded by a kick near my cervix OUCH!

I have been very sick for the last few days.  There was nothing that I could put my finger on as to why it was happening but I was retching as soon as I got out of the bed in the morning and it didn’t stop all day.  Yesterday I was thinking that it was getting close to bed time (it was 9.30ish) and I realised that the last 3 nights I had gone to bed at 10.30ish, had very wakeful nights and been wide awake by 6.30am.  So last night I decided to make myself stay up.  I went to bed at midnight, woke at 3ish to pee, went straight back to sleep and woke with D at 7.15.  I wasn’t wide awake early in the day the way that I had been earlier in the week BUT I didn’t feel like I had spent the evening looking at the ceiling.

11 JB’s thus far.  5 more in waiting til after tea.  2 very minor slapping incidents & a fantastic walk to the garage to get bin bags.  All in all, another great day.



1. R - July 10, 2008

20 weeks? Madness!


2. Adie - July 11, 2008

Halfway?!! Mind blowing!!!

So happy for you.

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