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And now the boring stuff July 11, 2008

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When I bought my maternity clothes I didn’t think about bedtime or practicalities.  I got one pair of jeans.  There is no way I am going to wear only one pair of jeans for the next 20 weeks!

In bed I am currently wearing long sleeve tshirts which are fine except they are barely covering my bump right now, soon it won’t even be funny.  H & M have very kindly said yes to me having some extra tshirts and a second pair of jeans shipped to their house as they are sending me a parcel in the next few weeks anyway.  They are also including some genuine, honest to goodness Jelly Be.lly’s.  All in exchange for Star.burst and Skit.tles (and paypalling the cost of shipping).  It is going to save me a fortune and will mean that everything arrives on the same day.  YAY!

I am now 7.5lbs heavier than I was before I got pregnant.  I am perfectly happy with that especially when you consider that a few weeks ago I was 9.5lbs up!

My mother bought me a maternity ring today.  I had to take off my wedding ring a few weeks ago, actually I had to prize the ring off my finger, and I really miss it.  Today we went to a jewelry shop in town and bought this:


It will fit my right ring finger after the baby comes which is nice.  It is lovely to have a ring back on the finger… I don’t feel like an unmarried mother any more (not that there is anything wrong with that… I am just not the SMC type).

Although not planned, I like the fact that there are 5 teeny tiny stones & this baby was made on the 5th cycle post D’s birth.



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