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Nearly a week July 29, 2008

Posted by The Mom in Uncategorized.

I have sat down to write something several times over the last week and simply forgotten what I wanted to write.

We have had a busy week, specifically a busy day today. We went to visit with J and her family on their boat. It was a fab day and D had a ball with A.

Oy! I am here now, writing away and I have again forgotten what I want to say.

I am getting bigger. The baby is moving all the time, especially at 3am! I am 2 weeks into the 4 week wait for my next Ob appointment.

Heavens above I am boring! There is some oddness going on though. I got home from work yesterday to a package and a notice to let me know that there were 2 parcels that couldn’t be delivered but I could collect them from the post office. I opened the package yesterday – it was a Dyson vacuum cleaner filter. We collected the 2 parcels today – a purple turbo brush & a Cyclone assembly.  All very odd as I didn’t order them!  It was more than €100 worth of Dyson parts and while I could use the filter and the brush I can’t use the cyclone assembly (it is for a newer model than mine) and ultimately I don’t own them as I didn’t order (or pay) for them.  So I must ring them tomorrow and see what the story is.



1. Adie - July 30, 2008

Now that’s odd!! I couldn’t even get them to send me stuff when I ordered it (without jumping through a hoop or two first).

We’ve been trying the jellybeans..and miracle of miracles..it’s gone down a treat with the 5yo and the 3yo, with them changing voices, and faces, and behaviours immediately. We’re away in France at the mo, so the jellybeans are not in practice, but they are keeping it up, and asking “is that another jellybean for me when I get home?”. Honestly, I don’t care if I owe them a jellybean factory when I get home, because it’s worth it!!!

Thanks so much for help!!!

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