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Descent into chaos! August 29, 2008

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My cleaners daughter got married last week so she didn’t come to restore order to my house.  She decided to take this week off as well which means my house now looks like a bomb has hit it.

M didn’t marry me for my house keeping skills and if he did then I would say by now, 6.5 years later, he has realised that he was in error 🙂  We have had the same cleaner (sent from the Lord to once a week bring my house back to something recognising the 4 bed semi that it is) for 18 months & I have become so used to her coming that I simply don’t know how to maintain any sort of calm without her.

She is back on Tuesday and I need to keep tredding water until then.  I am not quite (but nearly) counting the hours til she comes back.

Roll on Tuesday


Who is your Louise Brown? August 28, 2008

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I stole this idea from another IVF Mamma.  She referred to the son of a friend of mine as her Louise Brown as he was the first baby to have been born through IVF where she witnessed (online) the whole process.  Her own son was born, having been made through IVF, not long after.

Her comment led me to think about my own Louise Brown.  But before I go there let me fill in some details for those of you who have been living under an IVF rock for the last 30 years.  Louise Joy Brown (born July 25, 1978, in Oldham, Greater Manchester, England) is the world’s first baby to be conceived by in vitro fertilisation, or IVF.

D is my Louise Brown.  He is the first baby that I “saw” born from the IVF process.  I have since met older children who were made in a lab but didn’t know any of them before D came about.

Sometimes, when someone announces a natural conception, I am really surprised that babies are still made the normal way.  I actually haven’t had one of them for a while, now that I think about it. 🙂  It must be the circles I move in these days.

So, reading public, who is your Louise Brown?

I’ve lost my mum! August 27, 2008

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Last night I was thinking “Now, that is 1 of the 4 weeks to wait for the next Ob appointment over” and then I realised that my math was all wrong and it is infact 2 weeks.  So I am half way to the wonderful, exciting, delightfully tasting GTT!

Two weeks ago when we were heading home from the last appointment we stopped into Lif.fey Val.ley to get some things in Boo.ts.  While I was in there D & M were sitting outside waiting for me.  D & I have been practicing what he would do if I were to get lost in the supermarket/shopping centre etc (Only adults get lost in this house, children know where they are all the time).  Anyway, back to the story.  D & M were sitting on the bench outside the store and the following conversation happened:

D: Where is Mamma?
M: In Boo.ts.  She will be back in a few minutes
D: (at the top of his lungs) I’ve lost my Mum.  Can you help me?  Her name is (insert my name)

M was mortified, sitting there with people looking at him like he had kidnapped D.  It was very funny and D thought the whole thing was hilarious!  The only thing he didn’t do that we have talked about is he must go and find another Mamma to say all of that to.

Rumpelstiltskin August 26, 2008

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As of 4.01pm yesterday I moved into the third trimester.  I can honestly say that I never thought I would get here.

I realised that my pharmacy could pull a Rumpelstiltskin on me if they want.  I paid for my initial round of “get me pregnant” drugs and then the first round of “keep me pregnant” ones but the day I collected the second lot of “keep me pregnant” drugs I forgot my steroids and forgot to pay.  I have gone to pay a few times now and the credit card machine has been broken or I had forgotten my credit card etc and so I still owe them for the 3 set of drugs.  And as we all know from the story the Millers Daughter is not able to pay for the 3 favour of spinning straw into gold and so Rumpelstiltskin says that he will take her baby instead.  Now I hate the story for its complete lack of respect for women (I am sure there is a word for that but I don’t remember it and haven’t got the energy to try) but the general theme is here in my life at the moment so I must take myself, poste haste to the pharmacy and settle my bill!

Movement is constant now.  I have a little faith that if it falls asleep it will wake back up and start moving again.  Yesterday D was sitting beside me fidgeting and the Internal One was jumping around so I asked them both to sit quietly for 5 minutes and they did!  Whoot!

I think the Internal One is breech for now.  I will find out in 2 weeks at my next appointment but it will probably turned many times before then 🙂

Infertility & Lemons August 22, 2008

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For a long time I have wondered if the type of infertility someone lives with affects their feelings about their infertility.  I am infertile by association (although in recent years I have demonstrated my own secondary infertility and habitual miscarriage pattern so it is not a one sided thing any more) and thankfully (for us) we leaped from “I wonder if anything is wrong” to “When can we start IVF?” in a very short period of time.  On July 28th 2003 I started the “I wonder if anything is wrong?” journey.  6w3d later we were getting ready for IVF.  It took another 19.5 weeks to actually get started but in that whole time we were moving towards something finite.  By the time we were 20 months trying (in which we only had 8 actual attempts at getting pregnant (6 on our own, 2 with help) I was pregnant with D.

I know so many people who have gone through such longer journeys than we have, mainly due to the lack of a diagnosis.  I have often wished that we had unexplained infertility simply because of the number of women who get pregnant naturally after a successful pregnancy simply because pregnancy has fixed them.  However more people present to IVF clinics with secondary fertility than primary because pregnancy has broken them.

The longer the baby making process takes whether you are getting help or not the more it must affect your perception of others baby making process.  Our journey to #2 was WAY longer than we expected it to be and that time has changed me.  The fact that our primary diagnosis has been with us for almost 5 years and was always in the background has helped me not get lost in the unknowning of having nothing to hang my hat on as the reason why we were not making a baby.

This post is not quite going where I wanted it to go and I am no longer sure where I wanted it to go.  I guess sometimes it is hard to remember that everyone who walks through the doors of an IVF clinic took a different route to get there and some of those routes involved more lemons than other (lemons being bitter rather than badly working things, although badly working attempts at baby making also applies).

My Ice Cream Day August 20, 2008

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I am not actually going to eat an ice cream, although after 18w5d of being dairy free I want to, I really do, but I won’t.  Today is my ice cream day because I have 99 days left to my EDD.  My British & Irish readers will know, straight away, what a 99 is but I think a picture might be in order for the Canadians, Australians and USAnians.

Dang I want one of them right now.

The baby is celebrating the day along with me.  It has found my right floating rib.  Today’s movement is the most I have felt and it has been almost non stop.

The Uterine League August 18, 2008

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I am not sure what is being kicked around in there right now but it must be lots of fun!

In March M & I closed on the purchase of an apartment here in town.  It is a reasonably sized, ground floor, own front door, two bed apartment that shares a party wall with a commercial property.  Last November M had a preplanning meeting with the local council who saw no problem with us converting the apartment from a residential unit to a commercial unit.  So we bought it and put in the planning application.

That took 4 months for the planning to go through and as we got to the end of it we discovered that because the building is maintained by a management company we needed their direct permission to use the apartment as a commercial unit so that took another 4 weeks (2 weeks for them to say what they needed done – a letter to the owner of each unit looking for objections – and a 2 week deadline for them to reply.  There are 13 units & we needed a majority of respondents to have no problem with the plan.  We own one unit and the original builder still owns 6 which meant that we only needed 1 person to say it was OK to have a majority, which we got in the end).  Once the planning as granted we then had to apply for a fire cert (the local fire officer and access officers have to confirm that the building conforms with fire safety regulations with regards to spread prevention, access & egress).  The longest it should take is 8 weeks.  Ours took 7 but when it arrived it said that we didn’t need to install level access (the apartment has 2 steps up to get into it) which will save us a small fortune.

So.  In about 6 weeks time M will move from his rented shop to our (owned) shop.  While the process of converting the usage was lengthy and a pain in the ass it is our pension as the commercial rent is about 4 times the residential rent AND the property almost doubled in value once the finally planning notice arrived at the start of July.

We are now at the mercy of the ECB rather than the landlord but I would rather the ECB as they don’t decide to put the rent/rate up by obscene amounts every 2y9m!

Not a day goes by August 17, 2008

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Every day there is a time during the day when the baby is obviously asleep that I am sure it has died.  It can go on for hours.  Some times I give in quickly and use the doppler, other times (usually due to circumstances) I can’t get to the doppler and so I have to ride it out.  Sometimes a long time passes before I realise that it hasn’t moved in a while.  Of course within minutes of turning off the doppler there is a hail of activity that could easily compete with the floor routines of Beijing 2008 womens gymnastics!

I wonder, more and more lately, how long my hands will be my own for.  On D I developed carpal tunnel at some point (when I can’t remember because I didn’t write it down at the time, I didn’t think I would need to know when it started).  I want to knit and sew all of the things that I want done before the baby comes in the next little while because towards the end on D I couldn’t even hold a pen, let alone a sewing needle.

This morning I started sewing these:

13 of them to be exact.  12 are for another felt food swap, one is for my niece.  I figured I might get the lemon curd (dairy free of course) done and the pie crust cut out but because of timing, and willingness on the part of the 3 year old in our house, I have actually sewn all of the pie crusts on and have now started on the cream.  It is really satisfying to see them start to take shape.  Tomorrow it is time for the raspberries and the blueberries!

M’s laptop (my old one that I got before we made D) died a quick & quiet death on Friday.  Primary hard drive failure 😦  We toyed with the idea of replacing it altogether but realistically we don’t have €500 to do that.  Because the laptop is so old (>4 years) the interface is different now and so finding a suitable, compatible hard drive is difficult.  BUT.  Expansys have come to the rescue again & it appears that we can get his laptop up and running again for €40.33 (inc VAT) + delivery!  I can also get a WiFi USB adaptor for my newly reworking printer so that I can tell it to print without carrying the laptop up and down the stairs.

So, in the last 3 days I have saved €80 by “fixing” my printer and €445 by being able to fix, rather than replace, M’s laptop.  Do I get to go out spending now?

I have started to think about buying some of the things that I might need for the baby!  This is a huge step for me.  So far I have come up with:  small wraps for my nappies (I sold the last ones as part of a set that I was selling on), extra washable wipes, long sleeve vests, day 1 babygrow for the slightly bigger baby (the one that M shoehorned D into is just too small to think about reusing, unless we have a small baby – very funny idea – or I am induced early).  I am not yet at the point where I think I might take a baby home but I am aware of time running out for shopping comfortably.

In all of the time I have been writing this the baby has not moved and I now need to go up the stairs and check that the baby is OK.

Shhhh August 15, 2008

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Don’t tell anyone but I figured out how to reset the counter on the drum!  I am back in printing action. Woo Hoo Hoo!

Environmentally Unconscious August 15, 2008

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I have had a Brother HL-1450 monochrome laser printer for 7 years.  It has never given me a moments hassle until recently when it decided that it needed its drum replaced.  I haven’t needed it for a while but now I have the need which sent me shopping for a new drum.  And what did I discover?  It would cost me less to replace the printer with a newer faster printer (the HL-2030) than to replace the drum in the HL1450.

That is just wrong but I can’t justify spending more on the drum than on a new (faster) printer.